The infrastructure of our home or business is a unique and attractive visual element, that creates a containment structure and provides stability to each area in an outdoor layout. We will create an innovative design that will bring life to your patio and retaining walls so that when you walk around the area or get visitors it’s a space that stands out amazingly.

The creation of patios and walls are no longer just decorative elements, they are also part of the designs and dreams that we make come true for you, increasing the value of your space.Why choose us? At Green Cricket Landscaping LLC, we work hard to meet the specifications of each entrusted project, through great communication with our clients we make sure to provide exceptional service.

Have you asked yourself everything you should take into account to take care of your lawn or garden? Watering, cutting, and fertilizing are the three main and basic actions to consider when taking care of it, and we do them for you. 17 years of proven experience back our services along with the loyalty and satisfaction of our clients.

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We cover the entire state of Washington D. C., the state of Maryland and the state of Virginia and surrounding areas.

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