I had some very over grown bushes (over 5 feet tall and est 39 ft.) on the front perimeter of my house. After being scared to death by a garter snake a couple of months ago in the bushes…I was done. I couldn’t see the ground or get to the water spout either. I use to trim them myself, but working FT abd now caring for spouse FT, left me no time. Very much appreciated Mr. Picon’s prompt survey, estimated cost and actual total removal. We had gotten a couple of other estimates and eventhough one came in under, it did not include uprooting and removing from property. Mr. Picon and his team actually completed work 2 weeks in advance. Took only a few hours and cleaned up too. Would definitely recommend. I would post a picture, but I’m awaiting some mulch. We are planting miniature rose bushes in their place. Will update with photo later. I will definitely be calling Green Cricket for work again.